The copelands

I spent the last few days paddling and camping in “The Copeland Islands” with a couple friends, including former BC Marine Trails Communications Co-Chair, Kirsten Hathaway. This was my first time visiting this area. I’ve been meaning to so now for awhile. Also, joining us was Jeff Kolebaba, an individual new to Sea Kayaking. I was quite impressed with Lund, it’s a charming little place.

Parking is footsteps from the launch, only costs $6 to launch and $10 per day for parking. Lots of amenities are also within footsteps in case you need any last minute provisions. It’s all quite convenient.

Our first day of paddling consisted of working against 15-20kt winds and as a result it took us 2.5 hours to get to camp – on middle Copeland Island. We arrived, unscathed and were happy with how well Jeff did. The landing isn’t optimal at lower tides but we made out okay.

On day 2, we were battered by 35kt winds and just stayed at camp. It actually snowed overnight too but we woke to a beautiful sunny and calm morning on day 3. We explored the north Copeland Island campsite(s) which were beautiful. I plan to go back in mid April. We were all pretty excited by the sunny day and location and were in a celebratory mood. Kirsten came up with a great idea, as we were running a bit low on “refreshments.” So, we called around in Lund and had a person with a boat deliver us 24 cans of beer, some cider and even a pint of Vodka as both Jeff and I have Ukrainian lineage. So, for a mere $175 including delivery, we considered it a good deal.

Our paddle back to Lund on the 23rd was blissful and after getting all packed up, we even had time for some wonderful fish and chips at the Boardwalk Restaurant before departing to our respective ferries. You must go here: Dining in Lund, British Columbia (

I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking but I do want to give kudos to Jeff for dismantling and cleaning up a fire ring on middle Copeland Island. Fires are not permitted on these islands but yet some still defy the rules. Please everyone, be responsible. Find out more about the Copelands here: Copeland Islands Marine Provincial Park – BC Parks

All loaded and packed up, the night before departing to Powell River / Lund – via Comox:

Launching from Lund:

Middle Copeland Island Campsite:

Jeff, cleaning up the fire ring:

Exploring North Copeland Islands Campsite:

Working the phones for “refreshments”:


The sun setting on our last night:

Back in Lund:

And lastly – a testament to Jeff:

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