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Thank you for visiting my blog. Nature photography truIy is an adventure. I plan to share as many experiences and perspectives as I can with my visitors and followers. I've been swept down rivers, slid down canyons, been charged by Bull Elk, stranded on remote islands and capsized and crushed by waves just to name a few things in my endless pursuit of doing whatever it is I have to do to "get the shot." Is the image the result or is the result doing what you have to do to create the image? I think it's the latter! I live on Vancouver Island, in the Comox Valley. I’m surrounded by not only the coastal and inland mountain ranges but also the Pacific Ocean, countless lakes, rivers and streams and the rain forest. It’s here on the island where I feel most at home, Bald Eagles soaring overhead along with the gentle smells of the forest and ocean offer a sense of imagination and inspire exploration. This beauty and tranquility is unsurpassed in my mind and I am grateful to call this place home. Needless to say I’m provided with endless opportunities for photography. The various galleries and images on my website – landscapes, waterscapes and wildlife are arranged in chronological order which I feel best reflect my evolution as a photographer. They've been created from all over Canada and some from the U.S. Go to to view the various galleries. Prints and merchandise can also be purchased. My work has been published and painted. Recognition is not my goal, simply sharing with others the beauty that I see is. I’d like to help preserve this beauty so that others may continue to appreciate it as well. I will donate 25% of all proceeds from sales to either the Nature Conservancy of Canada or Friends of Clayoquot Sound. Please visit their websites to find out more about the important work they're doing.

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