Yet More Breaching Humpbacks!

One of the best things about being a nature and wildlife photographer, is setting out with an idea and ending up with something completely different, unexpected or even better than what one had hoped for.

On August 31st, I headed out with Nick Templeman from Campbell River Whale & Bear Excursions from the Discovery Harbour Marina, leaving the dock at about 8:30am. It didn’t take us long to find Humpback Whales. In total on this day, Nick estimates that we saw approximately 20 different animals.

Just west of Mitlenatch Island, we came across two that were sleeping and made the decision to watch them in case they woke up, and woke up they sure did.

I’m excited to find out who this jumper was, he or she and his or her travelling companion or calf might actually be previously undocumented Whales in the Salish Sea!

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