Milties Beach

Vargas Island has always been one of my favorite places. This was my 7th visit but not since 2018, so I’ve definitely missed this spectacular area. The only part of the island that I haven’t paddled to or camped on is “Dick and Jane Beach” but I’ll save that adventure for another time. I did get to add Milties Beach to my list though.

On the morning on March 28th, just as I was paddling past Opisat, the clouds and fog started to break and I was offered spectacular views of Lone Cone Mountain and then the Catface range. It was awesome! Taking my time, I arrived at Milties Beach in just a little under 2 hours, hugging the east side of Vargas Island. Many Sea Otters greeted me as I paddled along. I landed on the east side of the beach in direct proximity to a forested campsite, food cache and green throne toilet. These conveniences are maintained by local operators such as Tofino Sea Kayaking. Wolf tracks were apparent on the beach but unlike my visit to Rassier Point in April, 2018, I didn’t get to see ay Wolves this time.

Milties Beach can experience some surf in certain conditions, the surf does tend to be lighter in the center of the beach and heaviest on the west side. I recommend exploring by kayak or canoe, the little bay just east of the beach at 49.20872, -125.96198. It’s a sheltered, very picturesque and tranquil area.

On both the 28th and 29th, my friend “Tofino Sam” visited me, as he lives close by. It was great to see and catch up with him. Thank you for your friendship Sam.

More information about Milties Beach and Vargas Island along with a whole lot more can be found on the BC Marine Trails Website. If you’re not already a BC Marine Trails member, consider joining and supporting the important work this association is doing.

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