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Okay, so I’m a nature photographer right?  Yes!  So what am I doing talking about video?  Well, video does have it’s place.  I really wish I had it when that Humpback Whale breached not 10 meters in front of my kayak when I was making the open water crossing between Bamfield and the Deer Group Islands in September of 2012.  What an experience that was!  Not wanting to miss out on another experience like that I started doing some more research in regards to GoPro because of course I saw all the exciting and basically marketing videos that we all love posted on YouTube and had heard all the hype. I purchased the Hero 3 and several complimentary accessories in early 2013.  Once I got through all the packaging I was overwhelmed by all the finicky parts and contraptions.  After grasping all of this, I was faced with a basic software package which much to my disappointment would really only offer exciting results if I were to purchase expensive software upgrades.  Last but not least, the distorted fish eye lens and poor sensor would leave me with no choice but to purchase the expensive software.  I quickly placed the Hero 3 and accessories on ebay hoping to recoup my losses. For the time being I had given up on video until I came across Pivothead once I became curious again.  I know and expect there will be a multitude of advances within this POV and “wearable imaging” realm in the coming months considering Google Glass and so forth.  In the mean time I think Pivothead is where it’s at from a photographers “POV!”  I love my glasses, image and video quality and software too. There’s advantages and disadvantages to both but I know that Pivothead would have been there for me on that September day!  Keep an eye on this company and the technology they offer.  I strongly believe with continuing advances and marketing that they will be at the forefront.



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  1. Not one for video (or whatever capturing moving pictures is called these days) I welcomed your short discussion with interest, and intend to pay attention to the Pivothead company.
    I expect you’ll be a good resource for future developments. Thanks

    • Thank you very much for your comments and I agree with your reservations concerning video. It’s not a realm that I’m going to get too involved with but for the purpose of sharing my experiences here it might add some value. We will see.

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