Lone Wolf Cove

This was my third time camping on Vargas Island north of Tofino in Clayoquot Sound. The first time was not by choice, the second time involved a strenuous hike with way too much gear but the third time was indeed a charm. Transportation by boat to the pocket beach adjacent to Ahous Bay was arranged with a friend (I wont disclose the individuals name) and the weather was fantastic for our two night stay. On the first night while dinner was being prepared I spotted a lone Wolf 5-6 meters from where I was sitting peering at me from behind the treeline. I think the Wolf was simply just curious. Vargas Island is known for it’s healthy Wolf population and unfortunately the habituation of these animals. I didn’t take any chances and scared the Wolf away before I was able to take a picture but it certainly was a thrill to see such a wild and majestic animal if only for a few seconds.DSC_0385DSC_0453DSC_0374.JPG

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