Elk Lakes Provincial Park

Earlier this week I explored the area north of Elkford, BC. Located within the western ranges of the southern Rocky Mountains, Elk Lakes Provincial Park is an easily accessible wilderness park characterized by outstanding sub-alpine landscapes, remnant glaciers, rugged peaks and productive lakes. Elk Lakes Provincial Park is located in southeastern BC, about 104 kilometers north of Sparwood. Turn off Highway 3 at Sparwood and go north on Highway 43 until you reach the community of Elkford, a distance of 35 kilometers. From here, travel the gravel road on the west side of the Elk River. Approximately 47 kilometers north of Elkford the road crosses the Elk River and joins the Kananaskis Power Line Road. It is 5.8 kilometers from the crossing to the Cadorna Creek trailhead; the Elk Lakes trailhead is a further 16.1 kilometers. This is truly some extraordinary landscape. Don’t forget your Bear spray! I didn’t see any Bears but a big black Moose did cross the road in front of me as I was driving along. It was timid and disappeared beyond the treeline before I could get a picture but it was a thrill to see nonetheless. DSC_0874-2.JPGDSC_0879-2.JPGDSC_0881-2.JPGDSC_0885-2.JPGDSC_0965.JPGDSC_0902.JPGDSC_0912-2.JPGDSC_0915-2.JPGDSC_0924-2.JPGDSC_0940.JPGDSC_0941-2.JPGDSC_0949-2.JPGDSC_0950-2.JPGDSC_0955-2.JPG

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  1. Hi, What a picturesque location. I enjoyed the information and your pictures. Ahh…you must have brought yer dog for company.

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