Alberni Outpost Kayak Cart

I got the chance to use this at Side Bay this past weekend on North Vancouver Island. I had to pull my kayak approximately 100 meters to and from the water. It worked flawlessly on uneven terrain – pebble, rock and sand.


Be sure to run the strap through the rigging on top of your kayak or other anchor points on canoes, etc. otherwise there’s the potential for the cart to slip off. (Yes, this happened to me until I figured out what was what.)

Features and specifications:

  • Aluminum kickstands, very sturdy and durable.
  • Large Foam Filled  rubber tires roll smoothly across sand, gravel, and road.
  • The long tie-down strap helps to fasten the kayak on the cart securely.
  • EVA cushions on the kickstands help to protect kayak while being transported


  • Material: Aluminum + Rubber
  • Loading Capacity: 75kg
  • Tire Size: 26 * 8.5cm / 10.24 * 3.35in(D * T)
  • Kickstand Diameter: 2cm / 0.79in
  • Strap Size: 385 * 2.5cm / 151.57 * 0.98in
  • Weight: Approx. 3202g / 7.06lb


Buy yours here:…/alberni-outpost-kayak-cart


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