Landscapes vs. Waterscapes

Living in a coastal environment, it’s natural that the majority of my images reflect waterscapes as opposed to landscapes. Water, moving or otherwise is one of my favorite subjects to photograph. I define a waterscape as having any element of water whatsoever. Concerning the contents of my portfolio, it’s been difficult to add much to the landscapes gallery and this is why you will find subjects such as fence lines, abandoned vehicles and buildings among other things in this gallery. I’m not sure if this is technically correct or not but going forward I am going to try to make an effort to make additions to the landscapes gallery. Below is an image created today. I do love the sense of depth that fence lines offer.


2 Comments on “Landscapes vs. Waterscapes

  1. Thanks for writing this post. I have been struggling with this very issue. I had started categorizing my scenery photos as landscape, landscape with water, waterscape, and waterscape with land. After reading this post, I will confirm your logic that “any element of water” is correctly categorized as a waterscape. Thank you for helping me simplify my keywording workflow.

    • Thanks for your note Darren, glad to help my friend! 😊👍📸

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