Royston Shipwrecks

In the early 20th century the logging industry was booming around Comox Harbour on Vancouver Island, as it was in many frontier towns of the Pacific Northwest. But a logging boom can quickly go bust if you can’t turn your timber into lumber quickly and cheaply. At the time, getting logs to the mill faced a lot of challenges in British Columbia, including unpredictable weather and rough waters, which took a toll on ships and their crews alike.

Over the course of a few decades, ships which no longer served their sea-faring purpose were towed out into Comox Harbour, drilled full of holes, and strategically sunk. In total there were three windjammers, three frigates, two destroyers, three steam tugs, one harpoon boat, and two barques.

I spent the morning of February 26th near the shipwrecks. It was sunny and warm without any wind. There were many ducks and the shoreline was alive. Two paddle boarders also navigated their way through the wrecks which made for some great photo opportunities.


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