Helliwell Provincial Park

Cliff hazards exist adjacent to hiking trails throughout the park. For your own safety and for the conservation of delicate ecosystems; please stay on marked trails and stay well back from cliff edges.

Helliwell Provincial Park sits on a rocky headland forested with a beautiful stand of old-growth Douglas fir. Located on St. John’s Point on Hornby Island, the park was a gift to the people of British Columbia from John Helliwell. The stunning Helliwell bluffs guard the northern entrance to Tribune Bay.

Spectacular views of marine life, the Salish Sea and the Coast Mountains can be had from any point along the bluffs. As you explore the park’s meandering hiking and walking trails, you will find weather-beaten old-growth Douglas firs and gnarled Garry oaks, as well as flora and fauna which may seem more at home in a desert than in a Northwest Rainforest. The best times to visit are in late April and early May, when colorful wildflowers carpet the hillside along the cliffs. Please stay on designated trails to protect the fragile areas.


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