Three times the charm!

I have paddled out to the Deer Group twice before, once in 2012 and again in 2017. In 2012, my campsite in the Ross Islets, to this day has stood as being my favorite campsite even after a long list of remarkable locations since. I definitely enjoyed the unplanned hospitality of Friend Island in 2017. So now, here in 2019 and on my third trip I discovered Kirby Point North on Diana Island. 

There’s some conflicting reports about landing and camping on Kirby Point North but it is an absolutely stunning location! A word of caution that the only access is at mid-tide at the east end of the beach. This slight inconvenience is certainly made up by the views and sense of tranquility as your eyes wander the Vancouver Island mountain range, Imperial Eagle Channel and the surrounding seascapes. It’s a panoramic view at it’s very best. 


I want to extend my sincerity and gratitude to the Huu-AY-AHT First Nation for my stay at Huusmaghsuus. 

In my opinion the entire Deer Group is the best kept secret on Vancouver Island. The accessibility to such an astounding archipelago is rare. I am aware that many may or should want this to remain as such. I tend to agree.

If you do go, you’ll be assuredly humbled by a sense of magnificence. Tread lightly and lose yourself in a sense of wonder. Respect the fact that this place has much more to offer than you could possibly ever give.



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  1. I have been out there twice. I guess I need to go again. Did you go solo or with a group?

    • Mark, I was alone.

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