One of my favorite Facebook pages, is a local page called Comox Valley Wildlife Sightings. I admire the energy and passion shared by Nicky and Robyn, the page’s administrators for all things wildlife. Updates and sightings are sometimes up to the minute and at the very least, by the hour. This of course is all very useful to a Nature Photographer or for anyone who is enthusiastic about the amazing local wildlife.

Recently, for the month of June a focus was on “Orca awareness” which included a unique and informative post for each day of the month. Nicky reached out to me and asked me to share images and to write about my experience with T073B or Kwénis – the now famous Transient Orca that visited Comox Harbour in July of 2018.

I was very honored, Nicky asked if this could be used for “the finale” on June 30th which of course I readily agreed to. 

Thank you Nicky and Robyn for all your hard work and for keeping us all informed. 


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