North Cuttle Island

The Cuttle Islands are strategically located about half way between the Bunsby Islands and South Brooks Peninsula. Typically this is a relatively calm area, ideal for paddlers to seek refuge between crossings. Please note that this area is within an ecological reserve. More information can be found here. The various requirements for ecological reserves seem to be informally relaxed creating a conundrum for people visiting the area. Permission is required though by local First Nations to visit and valuable information is available about culturally sensitive areas by locals in the village of Kyuquot. I have even heard snippets after I visited about how some do not want people to land in this area. This needs further verification and if so, should be respected.

The area is truly stunning and one of the most inspiring areas I have ever encountered. Ask for permission before visiting, tread lightly and if granted permission, keep your stay short in duration. 


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