For those that are keen, this location may be recognized. A friend of mine suggested to me that I not disclose the location, so I will certainly honor that suggestion.

My friend Allan Edwin and I spent three and half days in late December exploring this area on remote Northwest Vancouver Island. Most of the time was spent under our tarps, watching and listening to five-meter seas crash ashore as the wind howled and the rain poured. We struggled to get a fire going but got lucky on night number three, just in time to ring in the new year accompanied by Allan’s expert culinary skills and gourmet steaks.

It got cold at times, especially when the sun went down – not that we could see it, but you could tell there was a difference in temperature. Luckily Allan had what he referred to as a “Plan G.” I’m not sure where the G comes from but can assume that it was far enough down on the alphabet to account for everything else failing. Plan G was a “Mr. Heater Buddy” and in a harsh coastal environment, it increased our margins and then some. Well done Allan, well done!

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