Exploring Johnson Lagoon

On May 15th, myself Martin Ryer and two guides from Grey Wolf Expeditions, Dan Whalen and “Wild Bill Elliott” not only managed to get inside Johnson Lagoon, but we made it all the way back to the end and we completed a circumnavigation. It’s very unlikely that any Sea Kayaker has ever done this.

Johnson Lagoon is located on South Brooks Peninsula. A large body of water flows in and out of the narrow opening, so you have to time things perfectly with the slack tide, otherwise it can be very dangerous. The Lagoon is surrounded by towering mountains on either side which can funnel heavy winds. There’s several small beaches or estuaries that can be reached, mostly on the north side that would be feasible for camping. A small waterfall exists as well on the south side of the Lagoon. It was very special to visit a place that has seldom been explored.

A big thanks goes out to Jaclyn Allison from KCFN Marina and Campground in Fair Harbour for helping to arrange Water Taxi transportation for us out to “The Bunsbys.” We definitely want to tip our paddles to Tony Hanson from Siiqaa Water Taxi. Tony is very friendly, knowledgeable and most of all, reliable. He made sure we got dropped off and picked up on time and safely. If you’re planning any remote drop off or pickup in the greater Kyuquot area, I highly recommend Tony. He has in depth local knowledge and his rates are very reasonable.

Lastly, I had two great paddling companions! Dan and “Wild Bill” were both class acts and it was great to share this adventure and experience with them.

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  1. So awesome to go where “no paddler has (probably) gone before!” 😉 GREAT photos – as usual. When BC opens its borders put me down for a Brooks trip!

    • Definitely!! You need to get out there with us!!

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