Fairy Lake Reflections

Fairy Lake is a BC Forest Service campground located five km northeast of Port Renfrew. It is accessed from Port Renfrew via Harris Main, a dirt and gravel logging road. The area of the lake is 82.3 acres and it has an approximate depth of 16 feet. There are hiking trails in the area as well as trail bike riding, and other outdoor activities.

It’s a very tranquil setting. Once you set out on the water, it offers a sense of mystery. What many people don’t realize is that this lake is ocean fed by the San Juan River.

The tree in the lake is quite remarkable. It has over the years become a little bonsai fir tree clinging for dear life in the middle of the water. Where there’s a will, there is a way.

The reason for my visit was to photograph the tree for a friend. I thought the best perspective would be from the water and I was right. I set out at about 5:30 am to take advantage of the calm conditions. At times there was barely a ripple on the entire lake which made for some great reflections.

I do plan to return and explore more of the San Juan River. I’m told that there’s a pack of Wolves that are frequently sighted along the edges of the river and of course the ever so elusive Mountain Lion is never too far away either, just hard to find.

Much thanks to Campground host Diane Callbreath for a great sense of hospitality and for spotting me the $15.00 camping fee (because I didn’t bring any cash.)


Campground host Diane Callbreath and her friend Emmett. An honorable mention goes out to camera shy photographer Agnes. Thank you Agnes.


3 Comments on “Fairy Lake Reflections

  1. Thanks for the info on that mysterious little inland lake. And I can’t choose between the two picts of the tree..they are both great.

  2. A beautiful and mysterious place indeed…truly a magical as captured in your photos. I do hope you return to experience more magical moments, the burning mist on the lake, the calling owls, beavers, otters, cougars, bears, wolves and even fairies. Best of all is just being with new life friends. I look forward to more.

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