Crimes against Wildlife

The only word that I have is despicable. This Bear and so many others have been lost for no reason, certainly a tragedy and as much as we would like, we can’t bring them back. What we can do is continue to petition against the Bear hunt and not allow people such as this imbecile to continue to commit these crimes. 


6 Comments on “Crimes against Wildlife

  1. People will get in an uproar and petitions will be signed…But I expect that Alberta and most other provinces like the money those rich killers leave behind.
    I have a hard time calling people that bate and hide in blinds hunters.

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  2. We have two small cubs on their own in Fortune Channel (south end).The only way that could be is if the mother was killed……either by another male or by a hunter.I keep a eye on them.They both seem like survivors! Trophy hunting is just flat out wrong! PLUS,it’s not even real hunting!

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