Why Volunteer?

What do you get out of it?

Through the course of conversation over the phone recently, I was asked by a friend why I volunteer and what I get out of it? It caught me a little off guard and I didn’t really have a well thought out explanation. I made a mental note to revisit this and collect some of my thoughts which maybe could inspire others.  

Over the last 4 years, I have volunteered with BC Marine Trails in a variety of capacities.

The vision and mission of the association is as follows:

The entire B.C. coastline
linked through marine
routes and land sites for
sustainable water-based
public recreation.

To work with First Nations
and stakeholders to build,
protect and promote a
public network of marine
trails allowing recreational
navigation of the BC
coastline with minimal
impact on the environment.

I love exploring coastal British Columbia by sea kayak, camping, exploring, observing and photographing wildlife among so many other things. It’s both challenging and reinvigorating to be one with the elements and nature. It’s pretty amazing to set out in a remote coastal environment, paddle to your intended destination and pull your kayak up on the beach and to be able to call it “home” for however long you might choose. The work that BC Marine Trails does encompasses all of these things that are important to me and so much more. It was a natural fit to become involved and to participate. I am so lucky that I found this association and a group of like minded, passionate people.

So, in no particular order, here’s THE TOP 5 REASONS why I volunteer with BC Marine Trails and what I get out of it by giving my time and energy:

  1. To maintain a sense of work life balance. Essentially, providing myself an outlet.
  2. To learn about things that I otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn about.
  3. To develop new skill sets or improve on those that I already have.
  4. To meet new people, those with similar levels of interest and passion.
  5. To help protect, preserve and promote for others, something that has provided me so much joy and unique experiences.


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