T123A – Stanley

The lighting couldn’t have possibly been any worse, so these images are by no mens my best but what a performance on October 2nd! Thank you again, Nick Templeman and Yukon, #chiefwhalespotter from Campbell River Whale & Bear Excursions!

Stanley, named after Stanley Park in Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, is a male Killer Whale who was born in 2000. Stanley is the first offspring of Sidney (T123) and has two younger siblings, Lucky (T123C) and Darcy (T123D). Another younger sibling, Thrasher (T123B), has been missing since 2011 and is presumed to have passed away. Stanley received his name after he made a rare visit to Vancouver’s Inner Harbour in May 2011. Later that same year, Stanley and his mother were discovered stranded on a beach near Prince Rupert, British Columbia, but they were able to swim away a few hours later when the tide came up. They have been seen many times since and appear to have suffered no ill-effects from the stranding.

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