Roosevelt Elk

October 6th, 2021 – I set out this morning hoping to track a herd of Roosevelt Elk. They can at times be very elusive on Vancouver Island. After some “fence hopping” and bush whacking, I found a herd of 12 animals, being lead by a big bull.

The Roosevelt Elk are native to Vancouver Island and are the purest strain of Roosevelt Elk left in North America. The largest of the Elk species, a mature bull can weigh in excess of 1000 pounds. The Elk are “rutting” right now, so I was very careful to give the bull and herd plenty of space.

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  1. Roosevelt elk were reintroduced in the Powell River area quite a few years ago. They were barged up Powell Lake and released at the Head. Since then they have multiplied and moved into other areas. We saw a good sized herd once crossing the Powell River a few klicks north of the end of the lake. We’ve also seen a smaller group farther south. – Margy

    • Awesome!! They’re beautiful animals!

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