Paddling in Johnstone Strait

Between July 15th and 19th, I had the honor and privilege to paddle and camp with BC Marine Trails President, Paul Grey. We explored a stretch of coastline east of Telegraph Cove, all the way down to the boundary of Robson Bight. We also crossed the strait and spent a morning out at the Sophia Islands which was truly an idyllic location and one that I definitely recommend visiting. The weather and on water conditions were generally favorable except for the paddle back in the wind on the 19th.

Without a doubt, the highlight of our trip was the fact that we had 7 different encounters with Orca. On 3 separate occasions they came and rubbed on our camping beach including once where the entire pod of 12 animals came right in. It was incredible. Scientists believe that Orcas beach rub to maintain strong social bonds within their family groups. In other words, it is an activity, which helps to establish relationships within the pod.

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