Top of the food chain!

Orca have no natural predators. They’ll hunt Great White Sharks and are capable of systematically taking down a Blue Whale, the largest animal that has ever lived on our planet! A lone Sea Lion is certainly no match! 

I observed this first hand in a once in a lifetime experience on September 24th, close to Lewis Channel, northeast of Campbell River. Calls came in over the VHF radio to our guide, Nick Templeman from Campbell River Whale & Bear Excursions regarding a “Sea Lion kill.” 

Upon arrival, it was obvious that the Sea Lion was incapacitated but still alive and it remained alive for hours and was still alive when we had to leave. The natural forces of nature were in full effect. Were the Orca teaching calves how to hunt? Was the animal diseased and of no edible interest? We’ll never know. 










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    • Jane yes, just only wish the breaches were full frontal which they weren’t.

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