Over the last little bit, as I’m sure we all have – I’ve done some reflecting too. At times, there’s uncertainty in daily life, let alone the World we live in. We all have an impact, no matter how slight. It’s important to remind ourselves of what we’ve done, what we have, the people we love and the things we want to do and to always remain steadfast, no matter what. A shout out to the following organizations that I have worked with over the years, continue to work with and my appreciation in being able to do so.

A big thank you to Steve Best and SKABC – Sea Kayak Association of BC for providing us with this update and for all the hard work done in Howe Sound.

It’s here everyone! My 2021 calendar featuring Pacific White Sided Dolphins!


100% of profits from sales will go to support Wild Ocean Whale Society (WOWs)

Find out about the important work they’re doing here – https://wildoceanwhale.org

A special thanks to Nick Templeman and Yukon – #chiefwhalespotter from Campbell River Whale & Bear Excursions for some incredible adventures out on the water in 2020.

Order your calendar here – https://www.zazzle.ca/2021_calendar_pacific_white_sided_dolphins-158334138561123758

A big thanks to my friend Allan Edwin for this masterpiece – my very own Greenland Paddle! Thank you Allan and I am forever grateful for our continued friendship!

What an amazing past few days spent out at ORCA CAMP with Grey Wolf Expeditions – www.greywolfexpeditions.com

I can’t say enough about the experience and the hospitality bestowed to me by Jesse and Sandra, the owners.

Grey Wolf Expeditions offers world class experiences in Johnstone Strait. You’ll be treated to amazing food, luxurious backcountry accommodations and incredibly picturesque and tranquil surroundings.

Our group was able to see Humpback Whales, Pacific White Sided Dolphin, Porpoise, Seal Lions, Seals, Eagle and of course Orca! A pod swam right by our beach and they spy hopped and breached fully! Amazing!!

Grey wolf Expeditions is a locally owned Vancouver Island company, they make every effort to support other local businesses and they focus on low impact practices and environmental stewardship. I am proud to call Jesse and Sandra my friends and I look forward to many more adventures with them. #supportlocal

A hungry Steller Sea Lion made quick work of this Pink Salmon near Stuart island, BC.

I’ve decided that the Pacific White Sided Dolphins are now my favorite marine wildlife to photograph. There’s just no end to how much fun it is. A big thank you as always to my friend Nick Templeman and Yukon, #chiefwhalespotter from Campbell River Whale & Bear Excursions for another amazing day!

Today was also special because I was able to share this experience with my dear friends Rhianne Williams, Carrie Williams, Braydon Williams and Ryan and Kara Liebert. We’ll do it again guys! 



On June 26th, 2020 near Campbell River, BC – we encountered what is otherwise known as a “Superpod” of Killer Whales. It was estimated that there were more than 20 animals. Of course they didn’t all breach at once and it was hard enough to get 7-8 just in one frame.


Lagenorhynchus obliquidens – AKA “The Pacific White Sided Dolphin.”

These amazing acrobats are very quickly becoming one of my favorite subjects to photograph! 

Images created June 26th, 2020 near Campbell River, BC. (The second one is my personal favorite from this shoot.)


A few weeks ago, a friend recommended that I use single-point auto focus as opposed to multi-point when photographing Hummingbirds. Online and reputable sources recommend otherwise but I thought I would give it a try. The results are about the same, multi-point might be a little bit better. Regardless of what focusing strategy you use, photographing Hummingbirds is challenging. 6-9/250 shots were worth keeping but that is a very successful day for any nature photographer.