In conjunction with RSDK clothing and internationally renowned stand up paddle boarder Norm Hann the below image is going to be used across British Columbia to help promote ending the Trophy Hunt. This is certainly a contentious issue in the upcoming May 9th provincial election and it’s definitely an honor to have one of my images used to help effect change. Be sure to check out both Andrew’s website as well as Norm’s!

I want to wish good luck to my friend Trish Boyum and the other speakers at the April 1st rally in Victoria at the Legislature Building.



Sign the petition here:…/take-the-pledge-to-help-end-b-c-s-grizzly-hunt

I’m definitely hoping not, but even if it just happens once that’s okay too. I mentioned late last month via social media that I had some very exciting news. One of my images, created in 2013 on Northwest Vancouver Island is going to be featured in the April 2017 National Geographic Traveler (UK) edition. To have an image featured in this fabled publication is humbling and I am to say the least honored. Words can’t express the gratitude to David Pinel at West Coast Expeditions, thank you David. Check out more about the images and David’s post here:…news/1489619584 As well, congratulations to Gordon Ross, Boomer Jerrit, Ashley Hamilton, Robert Yone and Freedom in Nature Photography.


I’m very excited! I was recently contacted by documentary filmmaker Paul Novy from Iceberg Films.

Paul and I are going to collaborate on a segment in an upcoming documentary film. I’ll be helping to showcase the relationships between photography and our natural environment. It’s going to be fantastic!

Paul is a true talent, check out a sample of his work below:


The small silver Pacific Herring (Clupea pallasii) is considered a foundation species for the B.C. coast because of the contribution it makes as an ecosystem driver for both the marine and terrestrial realms. In early spring, the annual herring spawn provides a rush of nutrients at a critical time of year to a plethora of wildlife, including seabirds, marine mammals, wolves and bears. Herring may spawn up to ten times in their lives.

It was a busy scene in Qualicum Bay, everyone harvesting the bounty. This is both a lucrative and a very controversial fishery. I’m just glad the Eagle at least got it’s share.


For those that are getting ready for paddling season on the west coast, I personally consider the BC Coast Explorer and Marine Trail Guide by my friend John Kimantas – Volumes 1 and 2 essential to your trip planning. You can buy both volumes here:…/bc-coast-explorer-guide-books

BCE1_cover_large.jpg  bce2_cover_large

Of course it goes without saying that a British Columbia Marine Trail Network membership, is also a must.



Congratulations to Toni Dent and Partilife. I wish you much continued success and again, I’m very proud to share the beauty of nature with you.

Check out Toni’s interview with CTV Morning Live here:






Please help support my friend and fellow British Columbia Marine Trails member, Chrysta Wallin on her upcoming solo expedition of the new Salish Sea Marine Trail.

She is going to be the first person to paddle the entire 257 km route and all by herself!

More information and her fundraising page can be found here:


I will be the first to admit that a lot has been written about this topic. Things like flat ground, proximity to water and firewood, avoiding areas where wildlife activity is evident certainly all do stand out as being obvious. Sometimes though, you don’t have too much of a choice and have to improvise, such as when I was stranded for the night on Vargas Island. My only advice is to plan but be open minded and embrace whatever the area or terrain has to offer. A certain amount of creativity goes a long way too. Below are images from some of my campsites over the last 8 years.



My Parks Canada Discovery Pass arrived today.

It’s easy to apply:…/ProductDisplay


There’s contests, prizes and discounts on Parks Canada merchandise for card holders too!

…on Vancouver Island and still more in the forecast. This certainly is different!