The rain and clouds broke at 2:40 pm – April 3rd, 2018


I had to think long and hard about this. I’ve had 7 flat tires in the last 21 years! I don’t know if that’s average or not? Leading up to April 3rd – which was my birthday, I had 6 that included 2 flats between March 7th – April 2nd. That’s not average! In all of the previous 6 occurrences, help was either “right there” or at least nearby. Not this 7th time though! Nope! We were on a very remote logging road that lead to Raft Cove on NW Vancouver Island and pfft! There went the front right one!

I’ll admit, I lack in mechanical aptitude and to make a long story short, we had a lot of trouble getting the spare to drop down in my truck. Surprisingly, a young gentleman passed by and offered assistance but to no avail. He was able to get help from Holberb though. A couple hours after, a Heavy Duty Mechanic from Western Forest Products came out and everything from that point on was done and done.

The spare sits in the back of my truck now!


Sandcut Beach – Located between French Beach Provincial Park and Jordan River, just 31 km west of Sooke and 3 km north of Point No Point. (Nikon D810, 50mm F8 – 1/4 second at 200 IS0 with NO FILTER.


I am honored and very excited!

My dear friends Eric Boyum and Trish Boyum from Ocean Adventures have invited me to work with them on their vessel, The Great Bear II in mid May as they take guests on an 8 day tour called “Inlets of the Grizzly / Great Bear Rainforest.”

In 2011 I first met Eric and Trish and traveled to “The GBR” as their guest. It was an incredible experience and many great friendships were formed including the one that I now share with both of them.

Round #2 will offer a completely different perspective. I will be busy working but I should be able to get a chance to create some incredible images and I expect this experience will surpass my first visit in 2011.

See Ocean Adventures website here:



On the evening of March 3rd and in the early morning hours of the 4th, three Cougars were killed after attacking livestock near Courtenay. I could literally walk from where I live to where this took place. We must find a non lethal way to coexist with these incredible animals instead of destroying them. This is absolutely horrendous.

Here’s the report by CTV Vancouver Island:


We had another successful shoot today up by Comox Lake. Some more, preliminary footage for “Lord of the Forest” is coming together nicely.


…the recent footage surrounding “Vancouver Island Hunter stalked by Cougar” has raised a lot of questions and in some cases controversy. Rightfully so! As many of you know, I am fascinated by this animal, hence the documentary film that I am currently working on. Credible sources however suggest that the individual that captured this footage baited and taunted the animal and then disguised the footage for dramatic purposes. This is not something that I support. I do support any resulting public outcry and I do support a more stringent vetting process by our media outlets and their sources.

See the video here:…/video-vancouver-island-hunter-stalked-by-a-cougar


…a throwback to 2011 when I first visited “The Great Bear Rainforest.” My love and support always to “The Gitga’at Nation” and any efforts that help to protect your territory. We beat Enbridge and Northern Gateway and we will protect the rest of the coast too!


There’s a current opportunity to provide feedback regarding British Columbia’s spill regulations. The government is soliciting public input as it relates to this overall process in regards to B.C.’s coastal environment.  I encourage all of my followers that have values similar to mine to take the time to complete the survey and provide comments. It didn’t take me any longer than 10 minutes to complete. I also encourage all of you to reach out to others that you feel have these same values in mind and ask them to also complete the survey:


The California Sea Lions are starting to congregate en masse on the barge at the end of the Government Wharf in Fanny Bay. They’re preparing for “the feast” as the Pacific Herring being to run. This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve been to visit. It’s difficult to compose a “natural” image given the barge and such so these couple of images are lent to some significant cropping.