I’m convinced that my friend, colleague and co-producer Paul Novy held back an expletive or two but we finally settled on the poster for our film. This is 95% Paul’s design and I think it’s exceptional! Thank you to those I reached out to for your thoughts as well.


Please watch, like and share! Again, I’m honored to continue to support Sadie Parr and the work being done by Wolf Awareness Inc. My friend and Filmmaker Paul Novy from Iceberg Films did an exceptional job capturing the presentation on January 27th.

Yesterday was my first time visiting this park. I always tended to avoid it due to the fish ladder potentially disrupting image composition. I was pleasantly surprised by the location.

This park protects 151 acres of second-growth forest located on the north side of the Puntledge River. The river is one of the main attractions of the park along with Nymph Falls. The river and falls rage over series of exposed bedrock ledges.

The spectacular Nymph Falls cascade over fish ladders blasted out 70 years ago to assist spawning salmon swim upstream. Watch fish returning in October and November. A rock outcrop at the shore provides a good location to view the river, the falls and fish ladder. American dippers, a small bird that loves the water, are often seen along the river. The falls are 600 meters from the parking lot.



Today, we started production of “Lord of the Forest” – Searching for the truth about the Vancouver Island Mountain Lion- We got some great initial footage and were able to interview many local Comox Valley residents. We’re well on our way to being able to tell this story, a story that must be told. One of the highlights of our day occurred near the end. Paul and I had a phone conversation with an individual “down island.” It’s encouraging to know that we have interest and support from those “far and wide” on this beautiful island that we call home.

A few months back, I mentioned how I was collaborating with documentary filmmaker Paul Novy from Iceberg Films – icebergfilms.com about a documentary film to showcase the relationships between nature and photography. We got started on that but there’s been a change of plans. For now, we’ve decided to shelve that effort. We will re visit it, in the future maybe. Due to the excitement and immediate feedback surrounding “Lord of the Forest” we have decided to wholeheartedly concentrate all of our efforts on this instead, so as not to be detracted from this in any manner whatsoever. A project of this magnitude requires a dedicated level of focus and imagination. Filming and photographing Vancouver Island Mountain Lion in a documentary or storytelling sense has never been done before. We’re not sure exactly what’s in store for us but we’re going to let the experience tell the story. We’re going to follow the tracks to wherever they may lead…




My friend and documentary filmmaker Paul Novy – icebergfilms.com and I are very excited to officially announce our upcoming documentary film showcasing Vancouver Island’s Mountain Lion. Nothing like this has ever been done before! As a part of our film, we would like to feature those who have had experiences or that have photographs and amateur video. Contact me directly at martin@mryer.com for more information.


This is absurd! It would be hard to believe that there’s much in the way of objective thought during any decision making process.

“After repeatedly denying the existence of such documents, the B.C. government has finally complied with a freedom-of-information request revealing a strong hunting culture within the conservation officer service.”

Read more here: vancouversun.com/…/b-c-releases-documents-revealing-hunting-culture-among-conservation-officers


It’s one thing to recognize and accept our own problems. It’s another thing altogether to address them head on, instead of just trying to run away from them, as many of us tend to do. Even more profound is after all of that, being able to share with others all of the learning and growth that’s experienced by being brave. My friend and adventurer Susan Conrad demonstrates her own sense of fortitude in the following podcast. It’s a must listen, you’ll definitely be a bigger and better person after hearing what she has to say:  outtherepodcast.com/…/with-my-toes-in-the-sand

One of the more difficult things to do when photographing wildlife is to convey a sense of emotion both from the subject and the viewer at the same time. It’s all in the eyes! What are your thoughts, when you see this image? How does it make you feel?

Wolf Awareness Inc. Executive Director, Sadie Parr was interviewed today by The Comox Valley Record. One of my Wolf images was selected as the feature image for the article: