I had the privilege recently to meet with Nanwakolas Council to discuss mutually beneficial initiatives on behalf of BC Marine Trails. I continue to be impressed and I’m humbled by the vibrancy and culture of British Columbia First Nations. Find out more here: nanwakolas.com


Map Traditional Territories of NC MEM FN 8X11 feb 5 2014

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My friend Pavel Novy and I had a great time exploring all the waterfalls along Nile Creek. This area is truly a hidden gem on Vancouver Island, especially after heavy rain! If you want to know more about the area and how best to access it, feel free to contact me at martin@mryer.com


This year I’m honored to partner with a world class organization – Pacific Wild!


100% of profits from my 2019 calendar sales, featuring iconic British Columbia Wildlife will be going to help support Pacific Wild and the important work they’re doing!

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Check out my friend Leo Jack’s new website – voyagerwatertaxi.com

Leo Jack, was born and raised in the community of Kyuquot, or Ka:’yu:’k’th’ (means place of many winds) in the language of the First Nations band of the village. He’s been a resident of the area since 1962. Leo’s familiarity with the waters here ensures that you’ll get to your destination efficiently and safely.

If you’re looking to save a few strokes while paddling in Kyuquot Sound and get expert knowledge about the area, Leo is your man. 

I’m honored to have a few of my images grace the photo gallery and to be on the front page of the gallery too. 


Wild Coast Publishing – wildcoastmagazine.com/…/recreation-mapsheets

My friend John Kimantas will soon be offering these exciting new products!



Humpback Whales – Discovery Islands, BC! 





I spent an awesome half day tour with Reuben Buerge, expert guide with Eagle Eye Adventures on October 10th. I joked with Reuben at the beginning of the tour that I wanted to photograph a breaching baby Orca, guess what happened?  I strongly recommend this tour and company – Eagle Eye Adventures – eagleeyeadventures.com 



I had the extraordinary opportunity to help conceptualize and lead a video project for BC Marine Trails in late August / early September. It was an exceptional experience and one that I will treasure for a long time to come. After adventures such as these, one comes back a little bit different and a little bit better. I am grateful to have set paddle to water in one of the most amazing settings one could imagine. 

On behalf of myself, BC Marine Trails and the paddling community at large, we can’t begin to thank Shane Philip from Island Soul Films enough for his incredible talent and dynamic personality.


My 2019 calendar is headed in your direction! Iconic British Columbia wildlife at it’s finest! Stay tuned to hear more about the incredible organization that I will be supporting this year and details for advanced orders.