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I found this graph and diagram entertaining. It’s definitely a reflection of my own kayaking experience and sense of risk management.


This may be a unique genre for me to explore especially when aligned with natural elements. This is a rock crushing unit, taken with an iPhone 6S Plus in the middle of the night. The fog and dust seem to match well with the artificial light. I continue to be impressed with the capabilities and quality of “iphone photography.”


An interesting infographic. We all have a part to play, can we find alternatives to some of these items? Regardless how far inland we may live, these pollutants have a way of making it into our oceans.25297013-7523-49EE-8687-681188BEEBE2.jpeg

…I came to a realization over the course of the last couple of days. I’m surprised it didn’t occur to me earlier. The last few weeks have been the longest period of time that I have spent outside of Alberta or British Columbia since I moved west from Nova Scotia in 2004. I continue to be amazed by the enormity and diversity of Canada and am so thankful that I call this country home. I will admit though, that beyond a doubt my heart is in the west – Alberta and British Columbia and the mountains, rainforest and ocean. I realize that I have conformed to my not so new home and that I miss it and can’t wait to get back. I find comfort in that, to belong to such a place.


This is your opportunity to let government know that you want a total and complete ban on killing Grizzly Bears, across all of British Columbia.
Email grizzly.bear@gov.bc.ca

and CC the following:


If you live in B.C. please copy to your MLA as well.

You can click on this link to find your MLA and contact info: https://www.leg.bc.ca/learn-about-us/members

While the killing of Grizzly Bears for any reason, can be a challenge to discuss in a calm manner, we ask that you do not use any profanity.

Please submit your email to the above addresses prior to November 2nd, 2017, if you want your comments to be considered in the future management plan for Grizzly Bears.




Say or think what you will but you have to give Cape Breton, N.S. native Logan LaTulippe a lot of credit. Logan challenges himself to take calculated risks and though he doesn’t recommend cliff jumping for those without experience, he does encourage local youth to find their passion and follow their dreams, whatever they may be and to set the bar high. Here’s to many more successful jumps and may you continue to serve as an inspiration Logan.

Check out Logan’s epic “95′ gainer” from Seal Island Bridge below. Be sure to follow Logan on instagram too at #capebretoncollective.

As a photographer, no matter where I’m at I find myself constantly composing images. There’s always a picture to be created and a story to tell. Pictures tell stories best and leave room for imagination and interpretation.

Recently, I have become quite interested with fence lines and fence posts. What is it that they separate, who placed them, how long have they been there, etc.

I was driving along a rural road in Northwestern Ontario a few days ago when I spotted a fence post, with twisted barbed wire and a birdhouse on top. (I’m glad that someone placed the wire to protect the potential inhabitants.) I thought it was unique and so I felt compelled to capture it. I only had my iphone but regardless of the technology, composition and creativity will always win the day so always be on the lookout.



Adventurer and Sea Kayaker, Craig Jones is planning to kayak most of the west coast of British Columbia during the Summer of 2018, roughly from mid May until the first week of August. Craig plans to depart from either the Sunshine Coast or perhaps Port Hardy and paddle all the way up the coast to Prince Rupert or perhaps slightly beyond. Safety is always first of course, but he’s looking to kayak along the outside coast, as opposed to the inner ferry route channels. If you or if you know anyone that might be interested in joining Craig please contact me directly and I can share Craig’s contact information with you.



Knowing how to properly set up a tarp is an important camping and survival skill. New Jersey Search and Rescue njsar.org posted these tarp shelter configurations on their Facebook page. It’s a great overview. A google search will easily reference any of the configurations, if you want more information.